Sometimes in our lives, we experience distressing events or are overwhelmed by feelings and emotions.

In these situations it can be helpful to talk to a trained counsellor in order to assist in overcoming difficulties.

Bridge Counselling, based at Bromham Baptist Church, follows Christ's example and principles in offering counselling to help people, including children, through challenging life issues including:

  • Abuse 
  • Anger 
  • Moderate anxiety states including panic attacks 
  • Bereavement and loss 
  • Decision making 
  • Depression 
  • Low self-esteem and confidence 
  • Relationship or family issues - including couple counselling 
  • Stress

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To express God’s love in action within the community through a counselling service provided by trained Christian counsellors.
To provide a confidential and safe environment where people can explore life issues.
To help individuals work through these issues and come to a place of constructive change.
The counselling offered is founded on, and adheres to, Christian principles; it is open to people of any faith or no faith.

All counsellors acknowledge the central truths of the Christian faith and recognise the authority of the Bible in all aspects of belief and practice.  We acknowledge each person as individual and unique and treat everyone with respect and dignity.  Counsellors are all appropriately qualified and have regular supervision from an independent supervisor. 

Counsellors are members of The Association of Christian Counsellors,, and are spiritually accountable to the leadership of their own church.

Counselling appointments
Enquiries can be made by either telephone 01234 822681 (Bridge Counselling extension 3) or by email to

An initial assessment interview is arranged with the Counselling Co-ordinator to discuss the requirements of each person.  Clients may be referred to a different agency if this is considered in their best interest.

Further contact is then made by the appointed counsellor.  Appointments are usually on a weekly basis and sessions last for approximately one hour.

Clients are normally seen at Bromham Baptist Church by appointment.
Counselling costs
A registration fee of £20 per person is required and donations welcomed towards running costs.
Our aim at Bridge Counselling is to offer counselling regardless of a person's financial situation. However, we do incur regular running costs, particularly for the supervision and accreditation of our Counsellors who give their time on a voluntary basis.  Therefore, any contribution towards these costs is appreciated.
Counselling in Schools and other services
Bridge is also able to provide a counselling service to schools, and supervision for counsellors. Further information, including costs, for both these services is available on request.

Bridge Counselling is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered charity 1191105

Bridge Counselling
Bromham Baptist Church
Village Road
MK43 8LJ

Tel: 01234 822681 Ext. 3