Marriage Preparation Course

The marriage preparation course was started by Nicky and Sila Lee in 1985 at Holy Trinity, Brompton.

Marriage 3Over five sessions, the marriage preparation course is usually run in a home starting with a DVD presentation by Nicky and Sila Lee. During the session the couple(s) do 2-3 exercises in their booklet, in private, and there are further ‘homework’ suggestions to help explore the themes together on Communication, Commitment, Resolving Conflict, Keeping Love Alive, and Shared Goals and Values.

This is what two couples, who completed the course, said a year or so into their marriage:

"The marriage preparation course was invaluable to us as a couple. Although we had been going out together for four and a half years and thought we knew everything there was to know about each other, we learnt so much and have benefited from it immensely. The testimonies from other married couples have really stuck with us and help even today. On top of that we thoroughly enjoyed each evening."

"We found that many issues we’d never thought about discussing came up when we did marriage prep. Our relationship has deepened and our expectations of marriage and of each other are even greater and more exciting than they were before. We thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained so much practical advice from it I believe we will use for years to come!"

The course is run in conjunction with the FOCCUS questionnaire. This is a psychometric inventory designed to facilitate open and honest communication between a couple. This is completed before the course so that issues addressed have already been raised in their minds and perhaps discussed beforehand.

If you are interested please contact the Church Office 01234 822681.