Prayer is a privilege; it is the most exciting aspect of being a Christian because it puts us in contact with the One who holds the key to LIFE!
Prayer should underpin everything we do in our lives, personally and together as Church.

We pray whenever we gather for Sunday services, always seeking to be guided by the Holy Spirit.  Prayer gatherings precede each Sunday service 'come when you can, leave when you must'!

Small groups meet throughout the week to pray and we gather at other times for Prayer to intercede and to seek the Lord for His direction for the Church.

Prayer Support

At the end of each service there are opportunities for response prayer and private prayer on personal issues with members of our prayer ministry team. Men and women are always available on this team.  It can often be helpful to explore personal issues and difficulties in a prayerful way and members of the prayer ministry team are trained to listen and to pray both with you and for you.  Other forms of prayer ministry are also available, click here.

For the issues of life which can be especially hard to deal with, such as bereavement, divorce, loss of job, and so on, it may be helpful to arrange a separate time of prayer with one of the team, or to consider using the Bridge Counselling service based at the church.

Contact the Pastoral Coordinator, via the Church Office 01234 822681.

Prayer Request

If you have an immediate matter for prayer, send us a prayer request here and a member of the prayer team will intercede for it as soon as they receive the request.